A group photo of participants for the Marshall Center’s Seminar on Regional Security started Jan. 21 and ended Feb. 11.

The Marshall Center’s seminar focuses on peaceful conflict resolution.

The Marshall Center’s Seminar for Regional Security

July 2016, Number 07.03

“Anyone following world news will hear about the “Minsk Protocol,” “Vienna Talks,” “Normandy Format” or “Geneva II,” and when trying to learn what they are will discover negotiation forums like the “International Contact Group for Libya,” the “International Syria Support Group,” the “Minsk Group” or the “Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine.”

Even some scholars might not know the location of those places or the context in which to place those forums. Diverse and complex as these forums are, they have all been created to solve the world’s protracted conflicts and crises.

The causes and consequences of conflicts, as well as the mechanisms of conflict management, are subjects of great concern to the international public. Conflict and crises, in even the remotest corner of the world, may have a direct impact on our lives. On the internet and on TV, we are confronted with pictures from Idomeni, Lampedusa, Lesbos and Aleppo. We experience the consequences of conflicts and the attempts to solve them whenever we meet refugees from civil wars in the pedestrian zones of our capital cities...”

Excerpt from The Marshall Center, “The Marshall Center’s Seminar for Regional Security,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  7, No. 3, 2016: 50-51.

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