Polish people look at a job message board outside a shop in an area popular with Polish people on May 15, 2006 in west London, England.

EU should encourage employment and citizenship for immigrants.

European Integration

October 2012, Number 03.04

“Multitudes relocate to Europe every year to escape political oppression, pursue economic opportunity and flee war zones. But integrating many of these immigrants and refugees into Europe has been difficult, and Europeans express concern that uncontrolled migration could threaten their culture. This mood was reflected in recent speeches by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, all of whom announced the failure of multiculturalism in their countries. Immigration has helped Europe in the past, and experts say it is needed again to supplement the continent’s aging workforce. But the European Union is struggling to find the right policy that balances the economic needs of the EU without creating parallel societies of culturally autonomous immigrants...”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “European Integration,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  3, No. 4, 2012: 58-61.

This article reflects the views of the author and are not necessarily the official policy of the United States, Germany, or any other governments.