methamphetamine being dried

German police build partnerships to foil drug trafficking.

A Multinational Approach to Stopping Drugs

January 2014, Number 05.01

“The very open borders that make Europe the envy of the world also provide opportunities for criminals who traffic in drugs. Stopping the flow of narcotics such as heroin and methamphetamine has required a multinational approach on the part of Europeans and their allies.

In Germany, the responsibility for thwarting drug trafficking resides with the Federal criminal Police office, the state offices of criminal investigations and the criminal police stations of the local police headquarters. the Federal criminal Police office is the central agency for all criminal police forces as well as for information and intelligence exchange.

Since Germany is a federation of states, it is the responsibility of the states — the “Länder” — to authorize the objectives and responsibilities of their police forces; the states are in charge of law enforcement and threat protection, not the central government. But after September 11, 2001, new counterterrorism legislation was passed that granted certain federal agencies, such as customs and the federal police and in particular the Federal criminal Police office, limited investigative powers to enhance national security...”

Excerpt from Jörg Beyser, “A Multinational Approach to Stopping Drugs,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 5, No. 1, 2014: 10-15.

Jörg Beyser is chief superintendent and head of narcotics squad at the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigations. He began his law enforcement career in 1982 at the Munich police headquarters, where he worked as a criminal investigator for various departments, including homicide, organized crime and white collar crime. Additionally, he served on the staff of the chief of police responsible for crime prevention.

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