Opening remarks by General Knud Bartels *Chairmen of the NATO Military committee)

EUCOM and NATO would benefit from coordinating defense planning.

Strategic Planning Partnerships

October 2015, Number 06.04

“The Defense Institution Building Program at U.S. European Command works with partner nations to help them move toward intellectual interoperability with NATO. As the International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan wanes and most armed forces are shrinking toward peacetime forces and budgets, NATO and partner nations need to maintain meaningful peacetime connections and continue training and exercising with each other to prepare for the next conflict. Part of that preparation is to improve interoperability at the strategic level to create intellectual interoperability.

Many of our partners regularly undertake defense reviews. As their defense leaders work through political direction and mandates, operational realities and funding cuts, it often seems that little can be achieved. It’s as if every streamlining initiative is connected to another in a cascading matrix toward the same bottom line: no money and smaller, less capable forces...”

Excerpt from Judith Reid, Strategic Planning Partnerships,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  6, No. 4, 2015: 54-57.

Dr. Judith Reid was head of Defense Institution Building at U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, where she helped new NATO members and partner states develop strategic defense reviews and improve organizational institutions. She holds a master’s in national security studies from the National War College and a doctorate of international management from Union Institute & University.

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