Hacking graphic with zeros and ones with the work HACK in the center.

Kiev established a system to counter criminals lurking online.

Cyber Security in Ukraine

October 2015, Number 06.04

“Analysis of Ukraine’s national security confirms a high threat level related to transnational cyber crime and attempts by foreign governments, organizations and individuals to use modern information technologies against the state. Therefore, the development of a national cyber security system is vital to guarantee Ukrainian national security. The number of computer attacks worldwide on national infrastructures is increasing. This results in the modification and leakage of data and the obstruction of critical infrastructure processes. Such consequences have caused a modification in foreign policy and defense doctrines in many countries, making a cyber attack equal to a military attack.

The NATO Strategic Concept 2010, adopted during the Lisbon Summit, focuses on possible cyber attack threats. In fact, it discusses categorizing a cyber attack as being equal to a traditional military threat. Informational security is a high priority for the Alliance. NATO cyber defense policy considers international partnership in cyber security to be one of the key elements of NATO’s strategy in this domain...”

Excerpt from Valentyn Petrov, Cyber Security in Ukraine,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  6, No. 4, 2015: 50-53.

Valentyn Petrov is head of the informational security service in the Secretariat of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Since the start of his career in 2002, he has held several positions in the Ministry of Defense and Security Service of Ukraine. He studied international relations at Kiev State University, where he got a master’s degree in 2002. He has since earned a doctorate in national security.

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