Soldiers Patroling in Finland

NATO’s Arctic “Achille’s Heel”


July 2021, Number 11.03

“Relations between the West and Russia have returned to a level of mistrust and antipathy not experienced since the height of the Cold War. NATO’s declaration at the July 2018 Brussels summit stated that “Russia’s aggressive actions, including the threat and use of force to attain political goals, challenge the Alliance and are undermining Euro-Atlantic security and the rules-based international order.” Russian President Vladimir Putin appears determined to restore Russia’s great power status, including its influence over neighboring countries. Russia is likely to continue to employ disinformation campaigns and malevolent cyber operations in an attempt to divide and weaken the West, while at the same time seeking to avoid a direct military confrontation with NATO...”

Excerpt from James K. Wither, “Svalbard,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 11, No. 3, 2021: 10-19.

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