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How to thwart known, and unknown, dangers

Resilience is Key

January 2018, Number 09.01

“Military terminology can migrate into nonmilitary contexts in the same fashion that military technology can migrate into civilian enterprises (for example, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network later becoming the internet). In many cases, a migration of terminology is beneficial because it develops better specificity in discussions of technology operations. However, the utility of a term is reduced when its distinctive meaning is eroded or destroyed as part of the migration to a new context. Consider cyber security, which has been practiced in military circles for over a decade. But in recent years the term has appeared in a variety of contexts, many of which have little or no relationship to its original meaning. Its misuse obscures the significance of the practices that make cyber security a superset of information security, operational technology (OT) security, and information technology (IT) security practices related to digital assets.

Accurately defining cyber defense is equally important. In the context of a specific environment, cyber defenses analyze possible threats and help to devise and drive the strategies necessary to counter malicious attacks or threats...”

Excerpt from Darko Galinec, “Resilience is Key,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 9, No. 1, 2018: 14-21.

Lt. Col. Darko Galinec, Ph.D., is head of Croatia’s Information Systems Security and Control Section in the Sector of Information and Communications Systems of the Ministry of Defence. He has held many positions in the ministry’s information and communications systems, including those responsible for upholding NATO’s Cyber Defence Pledge. He graduated from the Marshall Center Program on Cyber Security Studies. His research focus areas are cyber security and cyber defense.

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