red hand with knife being restrained

Social separation is a barrier to ending the violence.

Extremism in a Free Europe

October 2018, Number 08.04

“The free movement of people, goods and services is fundamental to the political system of the European Union. But EU countries have recently been flooded with migrants from Africa and the Middle East in search of better economic opportunities or to escape ongoing wars. This migration is often contrary to the desires of EU countries. Even when it is in accordance with humanitarian migration policies, it can become a source of extremism and radicalism that in some cases has been manifested in terrorist acts.

The majority of these migrants belong to the Muslim community, and many are not integrating well into the cultures and societies of their host countries, creating concerns among native populations. In maintaining their religion, traditions and habits, these Muslim immigrants are increasing social separation and harming integration efforts...”

Excerpt from Fahredin Verbovci, “Extremism in a Free Europe,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  8, No. 4, 2018: 50-53.

Fahredin Verbovci, a graduate of SES 2009-1, serves as a Project Manager, Kosovo Police.

This article reflects the views of the author and are not necessarily the official policy of the United States, Germany, or any other governments.