Detailed vector map of Europe with border states and national flags.

The Open Government Partnership promotes international accountability.

Transparency Counters Corruption

April 2012, Number 03.02

“In September 2011, the United Nations introduced the Open Government Partnership (OGP), an ambitious multinational initiative that aims to disclose government information to citizens. Such transparency can uncover and dissuade corruption, bolster accountability among government officials and empower citizens to team up with their government to promote honest administration. The partnership calls for governments to post budgets and financial documents online, as well as disclose the assets of public officials, and encourages citizen whistleblowers to report irregularities. Serving as a network of support, the initiative provides a framework for countries to start their own domestic open government policies – a task some states find too daunting to undertake alone. The partnership has already garnered commitments from 42 nations and many others are earmarked for membership. Supporters insist the OGP represents a significant step toward global transparency...”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “Transparency Counters Corruption,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 3, No. 2, 2012: 62-63.

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