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EUCOM gains advantages through the use of information systems.

Mastering Cyberspace in Military Operations

April 2016, Number 07.02

“As the information age continues to change our world dramatically, an understanding of cyberspace using a familiar set of terms and a logical battlefield framework is essential to victory. Today, as throughout history, successful leaders must identify and take advantage of key moments in time and space to win. Operations in cyberspace are no different. Understanding the potential impact that cyberspace has on operations, developing a framework to understand and manage these effects, and empowering cyber mission forces can offer a distinct advantage.

Cyberspace adds a level of complexity in which actors can generate effects across a full range of military and civil activities because information systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in nearly every aspect of military operations. To win in the 21st century, leaders must know the capabilities and limitations of their systems through a methodology that brings coherence and understanding to the potential impacts of cyberspace...”

Excerpt from U.S. European Command, Mastering Cyberspace in Military Operations,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  7, No. 2, 2016: 44-45.

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