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Defending Cyberspace in Georgia

April 2016, Number 07.02

“The cyberspace domain is growing rapidly, and with it the level and complexity of the threat to states, their information technology (IT) systems and associated critical infrastructure. Likewise, the number of cyberspace actors has grown, widening the scope of attack methods and the number of potential targeted systems. Government information/ communication networks, military, and commercial projects are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks or cyber espionage. Governments must respond by building stronger cyber defense systems.

For a country like Georgia, in the process of ongoing digitization, these trends are a major concern, as is the potential deployment of cyber assaults by adversaries in recent conflicts and in geopolitical confrontations...”

Excerpt from Andria Gotsiridze, Defending Cyberspace in Georgia,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  7, No. 2, 2016: 56-59.

Andria Gotsiridze is director of the Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia. He is an expert in security sector reform, fighting corruption and foreign intelligence. Under his leadership, the bureau developed Georgia’s first cyber security defense policy and strategy and has initiated ongoing cyber security projects.

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