Photos of a female terrorist

Leaders try to dampen support for al-Qaida.

Unmasking Terrorism

October 2010, Number 01.04

“After more than a decade of using religion to justify terrorist attacks, al-Qaida is facing a growing number of Muslims who consider its philosophy, motivations and membership to be disreputable. Many Islamic experts argue that these extremists represent a movement that tarnishes what they consider to be a virtuous religion. Scholars contend that al-Qaida and Taliban recruiters play not just on religious naiveté and faulty religious convictions, but on basic desires among young men for rough camaraderie and financial gain. In the case of the Taliban, raw financial calculation has come increasingly into play, as radical Muslim leaders entice recruits with pay far in excess of that offered by the Afghan Army. For opponents of al-Qaida and the Taliban, drawing attention to these less-than-pious motivations could be just as important as conventional counterterrorism...”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “Unmasking Terrorism,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 1, No. 4, 2010: 52-55.

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