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Joining forces against organized crime and terrorism

Progress in Police Cooperation

October 2010, Number 01.04

“Why is police cooperation important? Why should it make a difference in the Balkans? These questions, together with the issue of the political willingness of authorities to cooperate, can help build the legal foundation for police cooperation in Southeastern Europe.

Police cooperation, which takes in the issues of freedom, security and justice, constitutes one of the main aims of the European Union. As stated in Article 29 of the Treaty on European Union: “The aim of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters is to ensure a high level of safety for EU citizens by promoting and strengthening speedy and efficient cooperation between police and judicial authorities … its aim is to prevent and combat racism and xenophobia and also organized crime, in particular terrorism, trafficking in human beings, crimes against children, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, corruption and fraud.”

Police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters takes the form of cooperation between national police forces, customs services and judiciaries.1 The structural emergence of European institutions and agencies and actual police cooperation among member states are based on international agreements rather than on the acquis communautaire — the legal framework of the EU...”

Excerpt from Cristian Ionus, “Progress in Police Cooperation,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 1, No. 4, 2010: 24-29.

Cristian Ionus heads the External Funds Unit within the Ministry for Administration and Interior in Romania. He is working on his doctorate in international law at State University in Chisinau, Moldova. His duties include international law-related negotiations and international funding specific to police cooperation, as well as public safety reforms and strategies.

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