The Great Wall of China is on a Chinese Flag

China proposes transcontinental train network.

Beijing to London by Rail

October 2010, Number 01.04

“China is championing an ambitious high-speed rail network that would transport passengers from London to Beijing in just two days at top speeds of 320 kilometers per hour. The multinational plan to integrate Eurasia with bullet trains is among the most far-reaching rail projects since the Russians built the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the British envisioned locomotives running between Cairo and Capetown.

Ultimately costing billions of euros, the project would entail the construction of three lines. The first would potentially connect southern China with Singapore via Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. A second would originate in northern China, pass through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and possibly end in India. The third would start in China’s northeast and head north through Russia and Kazakhstan, ultimately reaching Western Europe.

Routes have yet to be finalized, but the goal is to increase international mobility by joining the mostly disconnected Asian and European rail systems. A construction timeline proposes completing the project as early as 2020. “We will use government money and bank loans, but the railways may also raise financing from the private sector and also from the host countries,” said Wang Mengshu of China’s Academy of Engineering, as quoted by”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “Beijing to London by Rail,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 1, No. 4, 2010: 44-47.

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