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Croatia became the 28th member of E.U.

Croatia Advances

October 2013, Number 04.04

“On July 1, 2013, less than two decades after a bloody war for independence killed tens of thousands and destroyed substantial infrastructure and much of its economy, Croatia joined the European Union. Few countries have experienced such a dynamic recent history. One might compare Croatia’s path to that followed by most Western European nations after World War II. It is marked by the struggle for freedom, institution building and the application of democratic standards in society. It is also marked by adjustment to a new political, economic and security environment.

Croatia’s path began with a period in which it strove for independence and international recognition. Unfortunately, to achieve these noble goals, Croatia had to fight a war imposed upon it. The nation organized a defense against external aggression while its diplomats strived to show the world the real reasons for the wars in the former Yugoslavia. This was no simple task during a time of historical change to the maps of Europe and the world...”

Excerpt from Davor Božinović, “Croatia Advances,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  4, No. 4, 2013: 36-40.

Davor Božinović, Ph.D, has been a member of the Croatian Parliament since December 2011 and chairs its Committee for Inter-Parliamentary Cooperation. He formerly served as both observer in the European Parliament for Croatia and the country’s minister of defense. From 2005 to 2008, he was head of mission of the Republic of Croatia to NATO. In September 2008, he was appointed state secretary for European integration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. He graduated from the University of Zagreb with master’s and doctoral degrees in political science. He is a 1998 graduate of the Marshall Center’s Leader’s Course.

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