A profile silhouette of adult Russian man hacker holding his computer with the Russian flag behind him.

Russian propaganda seeks instability among NATO members.

Hybrid Conflict 2.0: Targeting the West

January 2016, Number 07.SE

“The Russian state-owned Rossiya-1 television channel premiered the film Miroporyadok (World Order) during prime time on Sunday, December 20, 2015. It included extensive clips from interviews with Russian President Vladimir Putin and powerfully expressed, as Ivan Krastev said in The New York Times at the time, “the Kremlin’s present state of mind. It views the world as a place on the edge of collapse, chaotic and dangerous, where international institutions are ineffective, held hostage to the West’s ambitions and delusions. Nuclear weapons represent the sole guarantee of a country’s sovereignty, and sovereignty is demonstrated by a willingness and capacity to resist Washington’s hegemonic agenda.”

Since February 2014, Russia has annexed Crimea, destabilized eastern Ukraine, aggressively penetrated NATO airspace in the Baltics, undertaken submarine operations near vital undersea Internet communications cables in the Atlantic, launched Kalibr cruise missiles from the Caspian naval flotilla and a submarine in the eastern Mediterranean against targets in Syria and almost come to blows with Turkey...”

Excerpt from Graeme P. Herd, Hybrid Conflict 2.0: Targeting the West,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  7, Special Edition, 2016: 6-13.

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