US/Somailian patrol boat

UN opens prison in Somaliland for pirates.

Imprisoning Pirates

January 2012, Number 03.01

“A new maximum-security prison built to incarcerate pirates opened in March 2011 in the self-ruling enclave of Somaliland. Funded by the United Nations, the prison seeks to relieve the burden of incarceration from nations that prosecute Somali pirates, a prominent reason why partnering nations have been unwilling to prosecute. Piracy hurts the global economy by raising prices on goods, subsidizes extremist organizations and hinders famine relief directed at the pirates’ fellow Somalis. International warships patrolling off the Horn of Africa have arrested thousands of pirates in the last few years; however, only about 10 percent have been prosecuted, perpetuating a cycle Navy officers call “catch and release” that frees pirates at sea to attack again. Ending catch and release sends a clear message that pirates will be prosecuted and raises the stakes of piracy, turning it from an occupation chosen for easy money and low risk to a dangerous livelihood that could result in life in prison.

Security experts agree that part of the solution to curbing piracy off the coast of Somalia lies in prosecution. In March and April of 2010, 275 pirates were captured by European Union naval forces, but only 40 were prosecuted, leaving hundreds...”

Excerpt from per Concordiam Staff, “Imprisoning Pirates,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 3, No. 1, 2012: 52-55.

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