A Russian passenger train crosses a bridge linking Russia and the Crimean Peninsula in 2019, a trip that Ukrainian officials said illegally carried people across the Ukrainian border.

The case for Central European solidarity

Weaponizing Subregional Cooperation

April 2021, Number 11.01

“Meaningful subregional cooperation in Central Europe has been triggered by the security concerns surviving in the area since the end of the Cold War. Although often encouraged from the outside, subregional cooperation in Central Europe has been acknowledged by countries involved as a necessity and turned into a geopolitical “weapon” or an instrument of “realpolitik” in their struggle for relevance and influence.

Its value stems from the capacity to efficiently prevent, deter and counter future hybrid subconventional security challenges and threats coming primarily from the East, but also from the possibility to be used as a force multiplier, for promoting a positive subregional agenda in terms of connectivity, digitalization, sustainable development or growth. Central Europe has received growing attention from great powers (the United States, Germany, Russia and China) motivated by security and/or economic interests.In this context, Central European subregional cooperation could strengthen the sense of “en marche” solidarity, forging new ways of interaction to the benefit of the region’s strategic resilience inside the Euro-Atlantic community...”

Excerpt from Ovidiu Dranga, “Weaponizing Subregional Cooperation,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 11, No. 1, 2021: 24-31.

Ovidiu Dranga is Romania’s ambassador to Poland. He formerly served as deputy foreign minister and spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Romania’s ambassador to Belgium. He has been deputy secretary of state for defense policy in the Romanian Ministry of National Defense and deputy head of the Mission of Romania to NATO.

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