A crew secures a British Army Challenger 2 tank to a truck trailer after the tank and other heavy vehicles arrived by ship on March 22, 2017 to Paldiski, Estonia.

Strong alliances protect European democracies.

‘Only Freedom Can Work Such Miracles’

April 2021, Number 11.01

In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on targets in the United States, the world witnessed an unprecedented wave of sympathy for America. In Romania, as in France, Germany, Japan, Poland and South Korea, people spontaneously expressed their unconditional solidarity with the families of those killed or wounded in what was a sophisticated, large-scale operation perpetrated by foreign citizens on American soil for the first time since Pearl Harbor. The world was in shock at the inconceivable — a strike against the world’s superpower had happened in front of their very eyes. For the first time in its history, NATO activated Article 5 as it prepared for the war against terror.

The moral and operational grounds of U.S. leadership for what was to become a new crusade against evil, and one of its most insidious manifestations in modern times, have been unquestionable. Allies and future allies, friends and partners of America worldwide understood that this was the moment for action to protect the international community from what was widely acknowledged as a threat to our way of life, to universal values and to our common future...

Excerpt from Ovidiu Dranga, “‘Only Freedom Can Work Such Miracles,’” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 11, No. 1, 2021: 7-9.

Ovidiu Dranga is Romania’s ambassador to Poland. He formerly served as deputy foreign minister and spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Romania’s ambassador to Belgium. He has been deputy secretary of state for defense policy in the Romanian Ministry of National Defense and deputy head of the Mission of Romania to NATO.

This article reflects the views of the author and are not necessarily the official policy of the United States, Germany, or any other governments.