Kosovo flag surrounded by puzzle pieces

Kosovo moves toward full European integration.

The Last Puzzle Piece in the Western Balkans

April 2021, Number 11.01

“A pandemic is harassing the global population while a shift in geopolitical trends from liberal to authoritarian is increasingly visible in some long-standing democracies. Propaganda, political corruption and election interference are only a few of the tools being used to undermine democratic values. This trend has transformed governments and shaken stable societies in Europe and beyond. Democracy is a term coined for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. In contrast, dictatorship is a rigid form of government in which people are not given the liberties they could otherwise get in a democracy.

I come from a country that transitioned from a centralized form of government to a democracy, and understanding how people can prevent and overcome dictatorships has been one of my major concerns for many years. This has been nurtured in part by a belief that human beings should not be dominated and destroyed by such regimes. I have lived that reality and know many people who have suffered under dictatorships. I have learned about the terror of communist rule in various countries from books, personal experience and personal contacts...”

Excerpt from Mimoza Ahmetaj, “The Last Puzzle Piece in the Western Balkans,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues 11, No. 1, 2021: 38-41.

Mimoza Ahmetaj is Kosovo’s ambassador serving in Strasbourg, France. She was a minister for European Union Integration and an ambassador in Brussels working with the EU, NATO, Belgium and Luxembourg. Prior to that, she served as ambassador to Slovenia. She is among the signatories of Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence as a member of Parliament in 2008 and later was an advisor to the Kosovo prime minister.

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