Rear Admiral (PL) Piotr Nieć, Polish Armed Forces

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Rear Admiral (PL) Piotr Nieć, Polish Armed Forces

Military Professor
Strategic Security Studies

Areas of Expertise
• NATO Eastern Flank
• Deterrence (nuclear and conventional)
• Maritime Security

Academic Degrees
• B.S., USNA
• M.Sc., Polish Naval Academy

Rear Admiral Piotr Nieć (PL Navy) joined the Marshall Center as a Visiting Professor in October 2022. Previously, he was the Chief of Armament Directorate within Inspectorate of the Navy in the General Command, Polish Armed Forces. He commenced his military career onboard the Foxtrot class diesel submarine. Afterwards, he was assigned to the first Polish crew of ORP Gen. K. Pulaski (former FFG-11, Olivier Hazard Perry frigate). From that time, his naval service was related to the surface community in which he passed through all major command positions. RDML Nieć served twice within the Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1). He took part in the Operation OCEAN SHIELD and the Operation ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR.

During shore duty, besides naval related assignments, he served in positions dealing with operational capabilities of the navy and the armed forces.

RDML Nieć graduated from the Polish Naval Academy, the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD and the Naval Command College in Newport, RI. He was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral (NATO OF-6) on 15 August 2019.