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Helpful Information

Helpful Hints

Garmisch, Germany has four seasons so it is advisable to look ahead of arriving to see what the weather might look like.

Local Weather

Dress in layers to accommodate the changing weather from morning to mid-afternoon

           Spring: rain Jacket, water proof hiking shoes

           Summer: good walking shoes, light spring jacket, bathing suit, light rain jacket

           Fall: sweaters and jackets to layer, hiking shoes

           Winter: winter boots, warm coat, hat and gloves

Suggested items to bring:

  • Umbrellas
  • Rain jacket
  • Profession business attire
  • Water proof shoes for after the work day
  • Ski clothes if you plan on skiing
  • Cycling gear (easy to rent a bike)
  • Work shoes and athletic shoes
  • Shower shoes for walking to the showers
  • Hair dryers or curling irons for 220V
  • Bathrobe
  • Headphones

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If FAOs would like to stay somewhere besides the PLTCE Barracks, where can they stay ?

  1. Garmisch Army Lodging
  2. Edelweiss Lodge and Resort (Only available if you are stationed within Europe)
  3. Local Hotels

Are bathrooms and showers within your room?

No, bathrooms and showers are located at the end of the hallway. A single stall consists of a shower, toilet, and sink where you can lock the door behind you to shower and use the restrooms in privacy.  You also have space to take clothes to the shower and change before walking to your room.

Can I take a DLPT outside of the normal PLTCE DLPT schedule?

No, neither the Marshall Center nor PLTCE has a dedicated position for proctoring the DLPT test and therefore it's an additional duty.  We do not have the manning available to proctor tests outside of the PLTCE class schedule. Unfortunately, due to our small community, the education center is unable to proctor DLPTs.

Do I need an official passport to attend a class at PLTCE or the Marshall Center?

No, as long as the duration of your trip is under three months you can attend a class at PLTCE with a tourist Passport. 

Are Laptops and headphones provided for class?

1. Government issued laptops are issued on the first day of class for LEC courses and some other English Department courses. These laptops or computers are available to be used during class as well as after class to do homework, send emails, research local area activities and communicating with friends and family. 

2. Headphones are not issued. We recommend that you bring your own; however, we do have some older headphones that can be issued upon request. 

Do I need to bring my own bed linen?

1. Bed linen is provided to each participant who comes to PLTCE.  The linen is located in your room when you arrive and will be collected on the last day of class. You can wash your own bed linen during your stay. We do not issue any other linen to you for the duration of the class. 

***** If you have additional questions, you can reach us by email at PLTCE [at]*****