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Mission and Vision

The Marshall Center Mission

Educate, Engage, Empower…security partners to collectively affect regional, transnational, and global challenges.

The Marshall Center conducts a variety of unique programs involving to date more than 16,000 officials from over 160 countries. All programs are taught in English. Our Seminar on Regional Security and European Security Seminar-East are presented in English and Russian with simultaneous interpretation.

The Marshall Center Vision

A unique German-American partnership and trusted global network promoting common values and advancing collaborative geostrategic solutions.

Areas of Strategic Interest

In addition to our resident courses that focus on regional and transnational topics, our strategic interests include: the Trans-Atlantic Relationship; Great Power Competition and the role of Russia and China in Europe; Ukraine Defense Reform; the Western Balkans; the nexus between European and African Security Challenges; the High North; and, the Relationship between the NATO and the European Union.

Our Commitment

The Marshall Center contributes to security cooperation with tailored, professional education and research, dialogue, and the persistent, thorough, and thoughtful examination of issues that confront our region and the world both today and in the years ahead. Those who attend Marshall Center courses will have an opportunity to identify common values, create transnational friendships, work toward common understandings, and build a more peaceful and cooperative regional and global security environment.