Dr. Suzanne Loftus

A photograph of Dr. Loftus speaking at a Security Studies Program for Ukrainian public officials at the Marshall Center.
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A photograph of Dr. Suzanne Loftus.

Dr. Suzanne Loftus

National Security Studies

Dr. Suzanne Loftus obtained her doctorate in International Studies from the University of Miami where she also taught a number of classes in International Relations and Foreign Policy. She specializes in Russian foreign and domestic politics and transatlantic security. Prior to turning to academia, Suzanne worked at the United Nations and in the private sector in Geneva, Switzerland where she also obtained her Master’s degree in Business Management. Suzanne is currently a Professor of National Security at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany and the Deputy Chair of the Strategic Initiatives Department. Along with her native English, she speaks French, Spanish, and Russian.

Dr. Loftus is the host of our video podcast series “Security in the 21st Century.” This initiative engages professionals from government, academia, think tanks, international organizations and the private sector on security priorities related to great power competition, transatlantic relations and disinformation campaigns.


Manuscripts in Preparation

Security in the 21st Century: Democracy and Transatlantic Values in an Age of Great Power Competition, TBD 2022.


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with Bagley Bruce, Hanna Kassab and Dina Moulioukova, After the Fall: Energy Security, Sustainable Development, and the Environment (Lexington Publishers, 2018).

Book Chapter Contributions

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Journal Contributions

“Legitimacy and Societal Consent under Putin’s Leadership: The Cultivation of a post-Soviet National Identity,” Under Journal Review.

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