Red and white patch on military fatigues designating the solider as Polish.

Poland prioritizes defense policy and strategy.

Strengthening the Flank

July 2015, Zahl 06.03

“Strengthening the eastern flank of NATO within the framework of consolidating the Alliance’s collective defense and increasing its own national defense potential are priorities for Poland’s security policy and defense strategy. Aiming to defend not only its own territory but also that of other NATO countries, Poland is determined to counter complex militarily threats, including the recent emergence of hybrid warfare.

In the allied dimension, Poland continues to struggle to implement the Readiness Action Plan (RAP) approved at the September 2014 NATO summit in Wales to cope with new security dangers posed by the Russian Federation. By enhancing NATO’s military posture and readiness, Warsaw acts to ensure a continuous rotational military presence on the eastern edge of the Alliance. This takes the form of joint and combined exercises, the assembly of a new quick reaction “spearhead force” (Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, VJTF) with forward deployed multinational commands enabling its activation and employment, as well as raising the readiness of the Multinational Corps Northeast Headquarters in Szczecin to lead NATO operations on the eastern flank of Europe...”

Excerpt from Mariusz Fryc, “Strengthening the Flank,” per Concordiam: Journal of European Security Defense Issues  6, No. 3, 2015: 38-45.

Col. Mariusz Fryc, Ph.D., is a Polish Air Force officer and a war and strategy expert at the Armed Forces Supervision Department of the National Security Bureau in Poland. Previously, he was an analyst at the Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Center at Allied Command Operations in Belgium and an assistant professor at the National Defence University in Warsaw. He is a 2007 graduate of the Marshall Center’s Program on Advanced Security Studies.

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