Loisach Group

The George. C. Marshall Center has been formally cooperating with the Munich Security Conference since August 2017 in a forum called the Loisach Group. This group is named after the river Loisach, which runs through Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Munich. The name symbolizes the flow of ideas and recommendations that are developed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and that contribute to the Munich Security Conference and help shape its content and discussions. The objective of the Loisach Group platform is to support the strategic German-American dialogue.

The Group

The Core Members of the Loisach Group include generals, ambassadors, prominent scholars, and high-ranking current and former government officials. The Core Group are engaged with the Loisach Group activities for the duration of the project, bringing their expertise and experience to our deliberations, analytic outcomes, and recommendations.

Portrait image
Photo of Heinrich Brauss

Heinrich Brauss

Loisach Group Member
Former Assistant Secretary General for Defense Policy and Planning (Germany)