9 - 13 July 2018 / Course language: English


This one-week seminar is designed to examine the current security environment relating to the Artic, Europe’s northern flank and to develop appropriate responses to regional security challenges affecting this region.  Arctic Security has become a key topic on the international security agenda. Warming at a pace of at least twice the global average, the Arctic is undergoing a dramatic transformation that has far-reaching geopolitical and security implications. The George C. Marshall Center European Center for Security Studies (GCMC) wants to contribute to the emerging debate through a series of seminars aimed at select decision-makers at the highest levels of government, the private sector, and civil society.


The Approach

European Security Seminar-North addresses the topic by providing four different platforms for discussions, exchange of ideas, networking, and strategy development. The first platform includes a conference-style format of lectures, panels, and plenary discussions. The second platform is an outcome-oriented and product-driven topical workshop led by subject matter experts and supported by a rapporteur, with input by subject matter experts and guest speakers. The third platform is the Night Owl evening presentation and discussion on a topical issue in an informal setting. The fourth platform is a panel consisting of participants within the program or experts from our alumni network who have a firm understanding of the environment. The specific topics and objectives vary according to the changing needs of stakeholders and policymakers in an ever-shifting strategic environment.

ess north 2018



  • To engage a range of partners in better understanding how to avoid conflict and continue to strengthen cooperation on Europe’s northern flank by developing an integrated strategy for the Artic.
  • To address the challenges arising in the Arctic as a result of increased international competition in the region.
  • To cultivate an awareness of the impact of environmental changes in the Artic on the region’s economy as well as these changes pose with regard to security. Particular emphasis will be on cooperation with Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.
  • To identify, analyze, and assess current threats in and near the Artic.
  • To enable a dialog for the military and policymakers on critical aspects of environmental protection and security cooperation in the Artic.
  • The final results of the ESS-N will be published as a conference report in the Marshall Center’s “Security Insights” series. These insights will be disseminated to stakeholders in the U.S., Germany, EU, NATO, and the Artic Counsel in an effort to support strategy development and decisionmaking.


The Participants

This seminar brings together mid- to senior-level academics and practitioners specializing in security and defense issues, including representatives from the EU, NATO, Artic Council member states (U.S. Canada, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia) and observer states with interest (Germany, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom) along with the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) to build a common understanding of the new security challenges in the Artic and to develop comprehensive strategies to address security challenges with a particular focus on our northern partner countries Canada, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Denmark and Russia The seminar will produce a network of professionals for continued dialogue and cooperation.


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