4-8 June, 2018 / Course language: English

The Senior Executive Seminar (SES) is an annual program focusing on a critical security issue of our time. This seminar is tailored to meet the needs of national ministers, ambassadors, legislators, admirals, general officers, and senior government officials.

SES 18-11 will focus on "Countering State and Non-State Strategic Messaging”.

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FY18 Program Objectives

The objectives of this senior seminar on international migration are:

  • Provide Participants with current analyses of various influences of strategic messaging and the challenge that alternative messages carry.
  • Highlight the role of strategic communication in crises and with respect to non-state actors.
  • Facilitate discussion among senior decision-makers.
  • Identify best practices and effective solutions to countering challenges that stem from strategic messaging.
  • Establish networks based on mutual understanding and shared political will to enhance security in a coordinated and internationally supportable manner.
  • Identify emerging trends and likely future developments in order to anticipate and prepare for challenges ahead.

Primary Audience

The Marshall Center Senior Executive Seminar (SES) is an intensive five-day program tailored to meet the specific needs of national ministers, ambassadors, legislators, admirals, general officers and senior government officials who must address the critical issues of our global and transnational security environment. Participation is open only to senior government officials. The SES is the pinnacle program and more than 72 senior executives from 41 nations will attend SES 18-11.

Course Format

The SES will be organized as a five-day conference-style course. The core of the SES will be six sessions with speakers and mixed panels (senior government officials/practitioners, scholars, and journalists from different countries at the senior working/professional level) as well as discussions in the plenary.

This structure is intended to enhance interaction and networking amongst the participants. These six core sessions will be framed by high profile keynote speakers opening and concluding the course.

  • Initial Plenary: Welcome/Keynote Speaker
  • Session I: The Role of Strategic Communication in a Media Environment: Identify the Problem
  • Session II: Russian Approach to Communication and Case Study: Ukraine
  • Session III: The West’s Reaction: Achievements and Shortcomings
  • Session IV: The West: What is Happening in our Society as a Result of Hostile StratComms
  • Session V: Strategic Communication in Crises; Strategic Communication with Non-State Actors
  • Session VI: Lessons Learned and Way Forward
  • Final Plenary: Reflections and Recommendations / Keynote Speaker

For application and deadline information, email the Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра., your ministry point of contact, or the US or German Embassy in your capital city.