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Administrative Policy

Admin Support:

Students should check the electronic bulletin board located in building 253 frequently each daily for information and messages.  There are also bulletin boards on the ground floor hallway that provide hours of operation for many installation facilities and services.  (See attached maps for locations.)

There are maps, pass forms, ration card request forms, hotel information, local area information, taxi and train information and bus schedules located in the admin office, room 001.

Admin office can provide worldwide DSN/Civilian phones to contact your unit.  Phones are for Official business only.

Classroom Rules:

At the discretion of the instructor, food and drink may be permitted in the classroom. Neither food nor drink is permitted in the hallways.  

At the end of the day, the senior member of each classroom will ensure that the windows are secured, the room straightened and lights and other electrical appliances are switched off.

Student Support Chain:

During orientation, class leaders and the overall PLTCE class leader will be identified. The PLTCE class leader is the senior enlisted member and class leaders are the senior enlisted members of each language section.

Student Accountability:

The student support chain is the primary means of accountability and is used as an alternative to daily formations.  Each language section leader will account for their personnel to the PLTCE class leader every morning before class.  The PLTCE class leader will report any problems to the PLTCE administration each morning by 0900.

Student Absence:

Students must request an absence from class BEFOREHAND by coordinating with the 1SG.

All out of area travel must be approved by the 1SG.  Students wishing to travel outside the Garmisch area or across international borders must have an approved DA Form 31 (Request for Leave/Pass) approved and in their possession prior to departure.  Forms are located in the admin office.  Fill out form using the posted example and place in the approval box.  Passes must be submitted by 1200 on Thursday for approval.  Valid passport is mandatory when traveling outside of Germany.

Early Release:

Student's parent unit should contact the PLTCE administration to request an early release from the course. The PLTCE Director is the approval authority.

Conduct and Appearance:

PLTCE students will maintain high standards of appearance and conduct.  The duty uniform is business casual attire. Please refer to PLTCE’s dress code policy for additional guidance.

In the dining facility, rucksacks and books will be arranged neatly below the coat racks mounted along the walls.  Casual attire is appropriate hotel attire.  Trousers and a sport shirt are recommended.  Inappropriate clothing includes cut-off shorts, halter-tops, shower shoes, T-shirts with lewd or otherwise objectionable themes and soiled or unserviceable clothing.

Instructors frequently conduct class outings during the afternoon.  Students will follow the business casual.  

US military students will adhere to the standards of AR 670-1, Army Uniform Policy (or service equivalent) with regard to civilian clothing and jewelry.  Additionally, PLTCE has established further dress code guidelines:

Acceptable Clothing during duty hours:

  1. Slacks, pants and jeans – must be clean and wrinkle free. Women’s Capri pants are authorized as long as they extend below the knee.
  2. Shirts – casual shirts with collars (for men) or women equivalent, polo shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks are allowed.
  3. Skirts and dresses – length should be no shorter than 1 inch above the knee
  4. Footwear – loafers, boots, flats, clogs, dress heels and leather deck shoes are acceptable.

Prohibited Clothing during duty hours:

a. Military uniforms or any other official military clothing

b. Clothing that either directly or indirectly affiliates the wearer with any service or

DoD element (e.g., Navy Football shirts, Agency Polos, morale shirts, etc)

c. Clothing that advertises, condones, depicts, or promotes alcohol/tobacco/drug use

d. Clothing with vulgar, offensive, provocative, or obscene pictures or language

e. Clothing with holes or tears

f. Shorts of any kind 

h. Workout/gym apparel (sweat pants, skin tight leggings, etc..)

i. Pajama garments

k. Backless tops, elongated armholes, low-cut neckline, and over-sized shirts

l. Halter tops, strapless tops, tank tops, and see-through clothing

m. Kilts, visible undergarments and exposed midriffs

n. Slippers, athletic shoes, flip-flops, shower shoes, bare feet or open-toed shoes for males Note: Women’s open-toed shoes must conform to standard business casual dress. Footwear with open toes which would be worn to the pool, the beach, or worn for other recreational purposes are NOT authorized, including but not limited to Vibram Five-Finger shoes.

o. Hats, gloves and sunglasses will not be worn indoors


a. Hair and fingernails must be clean, neat and conservative

b. Men: faces must be clean-shaven, with mustaches and sideburns neatly trimmed

c. Personal hygiene must be maintained daily

d. Earrings: No enlarged or stretched out holes in the ears.

e. Other body piercings: military men and women will not have any visible piercing other than one set of earrings for women.

Civilians are expected to conform to the same clothing policy while attending PLTCE. 

While off duty, all personnel will ensure that their dress and personal appearance are commensurate with the high standards associated with military service. Due to Force Protection concerns, personnel will not wear clothing that directly or indirectly affiliates the wearer with any service or DoD element (e.g., Navy Football shirts, Agency Polos, morale shirts, etc)

Full version of the dress code policy can be found online here


Students who ride bicycles must wear a bicycle helmet at all times on and off post.  Bicycles will be parked in the racks between buildings 253, 252 or in the basement bike rooms. 

Any areas declared "off limits" will be posted on the Student Information bulletin boards.

Student Misconduct:

Student misconduct during his or her assignment to PLTCE will be evaluated by the 1SG and the Director of PLTCE to determine whether the student will be returned to their unit.  Violations of military or civilian law will be reported to the student's commander, the Garmisch community commander and local authorities as appropriate.


Graduation is usually conducted at 1500 in the PLTCE Auditorium, Room K01 on the last Friday of the course, unless otherwise informed.  The instructors will distribute diplomas and DA Form 330s to their students.  Unless otherwise instructed, students are then released to out-process. Graduation is part of the duty day so appropriate civilian clothing is required.


Students will DLPT on Thursday and Friday morning the last week of class. Students must realize that the 1SG will drop them from the course and process paperwork for their unit if they are found to be drunk on duty even on the last day of class.

All Students must be cleared of their rooms by Saturday 0900 unless other arrangements have been made and cleared with the 1SG. The students must make arrangements for travel to the train station/airport. There is shuttle information available on the student information board.


Turn in all linen first, rooms will be inspected after, your key and meal card will be turned in immediately following inspection.

Out-processing Briefing: A briefing will be conducted on the Monday prior to graduation at 1600 in the PLTCE Auditorium, Room K01.

NOTE: Students who need to secure personal belongings until after graduation may bring them to the administrative office, room 001 in Building 253.

Out-processing inspections will be conducted normally after graduation on Friday.  All students will be out of the barracks by 0900 on Saturday.  All room inspections will be conducted on the hour or quarter hour.  

In the event a student has plane tickets for later than Saturday, they will need to visit SATO to have them changed or they will have to get a hotel on the economy.  Special cases will be handled by the 1SG.

Room Inspection Standard:

Doors and walls will have nothing attached to them and be wiped clean inside and out. Refrigerators will be defrosted, wiped clean inside and out and unplugged.  Top window will be open (canted inward), window sill will be dusted, bottom window will be closed and curtains will be left open.  Radiator will be off in summer and set on 2 in winter.  The carpet will be cleaned and dusted, drawers will be staggered.  Mirrors and sinks will be cleaned.  The trashcan will be empty, clean, and dry.

Excess items such as alarm clocks, hangers and umbrellas can be left in the room; the 1SG will make a determination during inspection for all other items.  One box/bottle of laundry detergent can be left in the room.  The class leader may do a walk through with the 1SG prior to graduation to ensure cleanliness.

Rented items:  Return all library books, AAFES videos/DVDs, Bicycles, and all other rented items on the Wednesday preceding graduation.