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PLTCE Facilities


The LEC students are housed in renovated German barracks.  The facilities consist of single and double rooms that are equipped with comfortable furnishings.  Each room has a TV/DVDR with satellite hookup and a small refrigerator.  Televisions have access to channels that support the majority of languages PLTCE teaches. 

PLTCE Dorm rooms are exclusively for our students.  No overnight guests are allowed.  If caught, you will be subject to expulsion and or UCMJ.  Guests will need to stay on the local economy.

All electrical outlets are 220V.  There are no private shower facilities.

There are laundry rooms, ironing boards, irons, and vacuum cleaners located on each floor.  These are for students to use, if you use it, place in back in the laundry room so other students have access to it.  

Recommended items to bring are towels, washcloths, hair dryers (220v), shavers (220v), toiletries, shower shoes and a travel alarm clock

A set of bed linen will be issued upon arrival, but students may bring their own.  There is no linen exchange during the course; washers and dryers are provided for the washing of clothing and linen.  Linen does not need to be washed prior to turn in.

Both buildings have communal kitchens that are to be kept clean on a daily basis.  Keep the common areas clean.  Students are responsible for the common areas and the exterior areas around the buildings.

Students are responsible for checking the electronic “student information board”, located in the entrance of Bldg 253, at least twice daily. 

Pets are not allowed in the PLTCE barracks.  Firearms, ammunition and other weapons as defined by USAREUR regulations are prohibited.  Flammable liquids and open flames are not permitted in the barracks.  Bicycles are not allowed in the dorm rooms.  There is a bike rack outside the barracks and bike rack rooms located in the basement of buildings 252 and 253.

Do not damage the barracks.  If damage does occur it will be assessed and cost to the individual will be charged accordingly.  Lost keys incur a $25.00 charge.  Conserve electricity and water as much as possible.  Be courteous to classmates who may be studying. Quiet hours are 2200-0600 hours.  Students will enforce quiet hours.  If someone refuses to comply, contact the 1SG.  Clean up after yourself in the common areas.

Entry doors will be closed and locked from 1600 to 0700 daily.  Students may either use the keypad entry code or their key (if a resident of that building) to enter.

Report maintenance problems promptly to PLTCE staff located in the admin office, room 001.  Occasionally, PLTCE cadre may escort maintenance personnel into a student’s room.  Rooms will be kept locked and clean at all times.  There are informal room inspections conducted by the 1SG so keep your room neat and maintain a healthy living environment.  Do not rearrange the furniture in the rooms.  Keep rooms aired out to avoid mold.

Grill Use:

There is a BBQ grill provided by the smoking pavilion for your use. There are grill utensils located in the kitchen of Building 253.  Clean grill and utensils after use; ensure ashes are completely extinguished before disposal.

Smoking/Smokeless Tobacco Policy:

Tobacco use of any kind is not allowed in the barracks or any PLTCE building.  The smoking area is located between bldg 252 and 253 in the gazebo area, students are responsible for ensuring that these areas are kept in a high state of police at all times.  At the discretion of the 1SG or Class Leader, unannounced police call will be conducted.

Dining Facilities (DFAC):

Rations in kind are available.  Statements of non-availability for meals will not be issued. Meals are served in the dining facility on Artillery Kaserne, which is a contracted service. The first meal available to the students will be dinner on the Sunday prior to class.  It will be served from 1730 to 2000.  The last available meal will be dinner on the Friday following graduation.

DFAC Hours:

Changes to meal hours and location will be announced during the orientation

Monday through Saturday Sunday

Breakfast: 0630-0800 0730-0900

Lunch: 1130-1300 1130-1300

Dinner: 1730-2000 1730-2000

Clean and serviceable clothing is appropriate.  Inappropriate clothing includes shower shoes, T-shirts with lewd or otherwise objectionable themes and soiled or unserviceable clothing.

All meals must be consumed inside the dining facility. Students may not request takeout boxes or remove food from the dining facility.


Mail is provided for morale purposes.  Do not attempt to have a post box issued to you, do not have PLTCE changed to your forwarding address, and please do not order items from catalogs (the post office is a small operation and does not have the means to deal with the junk mail and catalogs that will arrive after you depart).  Mail call is normally posted by 1500hrs daily on the student bulletin board.

There is a small APO post office (bldg 251) next to PLTCE barracks.  Hours are Mon 1130-1430, Tue-Fri 1030-1430.  While attending courses, students can have mail sent to the following addresses:

APO address:  Student Name Marshall Center, PLTCE class # ____ CMR 409, Box 410 APO AE 09053

Civilian address:  Student Name Marshall Center, PLTCE class # ____ Breitenauer str. 16 geb. 253, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Telephone Services:

PLTCE, students have access to Local DSN lines (all DSN lines are for official use only) in the basement of bldgs 252 & 253.  Bldg 253 = (314) 440-3520 or 440-3604. Bldg 252 = (314) 440-3604 or 440-3381.  To gain access to the local Garmisch community dial 99 and the number.  There are no phones inside the rooms.

Telephone instructions are provided to connect to most major calling card companies.

Someone wishing to contact a PLTCE student during duty hours can call the administrative office 440-3641.  A message will be posted on the Student Information board.  Unless there is a bona fide emergency, students will not be removed from class to accept a telephone call.  In the event of an emergency, individuals should contact their local Red Cross chapter and the 1SG.  AT&T phones are located at the AFRC Camp Store Bldg 258, and in the PX complex next to SUBWAY on Artillery Kaserne.  German Public Phones are located right outside the Artillery Kaserne gate.

Personnel Administration Center (PAC):

PAC is in bldg 102, rm 319, Sheridan Kaserne, DSN 440-2572.  It is manned to handle permanent party.  The next nearest personnel service-company is in Stuttgart (Four hours from Garmisch).  Students are strongly urged to complete any on-going administrative actions, including drawing advance TDY pay, before departing their home station.  Any personnel administrative needs will be coordinated with the 1SG.

Medical (Sick Call) and Dental Services:

There are no US military medical services in Garmisch.  Service members with medical problems will treated by local German doctors that are familiar with treating Americans.   Sick Call – students need to inform their class leader before reporting to the administrative office, room 001 at 0830. National Guard, Reserve, DOD civilian and foreign students must have a valid medical and dental coverage while TDY to PLTCE. Active duty personnel will automatically be covered by TriCare Overseas.

Medication – Ensure you bring Euros to purchase medication as most pharmacies do not accept credit card

In the case of an emergency or medical issues after duty hours, contact the 1SG and the MPs. The MPs will provide transportation to the hospital or call an ambulance. Ensure you see the staff the next available workday.

If the student needs to go to a local civilian doctor in Garmisch he or she will need to first set up an appointment through the course coordinator, located in the room 001.  Reimbursement is handled through TRICARE.  Ensure that you use your permanent address on your claim form for proper routing.  Do NOT use the PLTCE address.