ses 17 10 poster

SES 17-10 course poster was designed by Marshall Center visual information specialist Stan Jones.

Dates: June 5 to June 9, 2017

Focus: International Migration and Global Security


  • Provide international senior-level executives with up-to-date analysis of international migration flows and the threat it presents.
  • Critically assess global efforts to cope with migrant flows.
  • Identify best practices and find effective solutions to the migration challenge.
  • Build and strengthen professional networks based on mutual-understanding and political will to enhance global security.
  • Identify emerging trends and anticipate possible future developments to prepare in advance.

Course Director
: Italy Brig. Gen. Luigi Francavilla

Deputy Course Director: U.S. Army Col. John Knightstep

Class Composition: There are 74 executives from 50 nations. Of the executives, 67 are male and 7 are female. There are 42 military executives and 32 civilian. Nine of the participants have attended a Marshall Center resident course previously.

Origins: The first Senior Executive Seminar was held in 2000, making this resident course one of the longest, continuously held resident course. Initially, it was held twice a year but then became an annual course in 2014. SES alumni include more than 2700 senior executives from 140 nations.

Last Time Held: Sept. 12-16, 2016



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