The George C. Marshall Center announced today its Reorganization Plan as a result of a Department of Defense directed change of mission.

These changes will result in an overall net reduction of 13 Local National civilian employees and an eventual reduction of two (2) U.S. civilian positions at the Marshall Center by March 1, 2016.

The Department of the Defense approved these actions, which support the evolution of the GCMC mission to one with an increased global focus on transnational security issues and functional areas of counterterrorism and counter narcotics.

When founded, the Marshall Center offered its program in English, German and Russian.  As a result of diminished demand, German language, as a regular component of course offerings, was eliminated in 2012.  The continuing change in the demographics of Marshall Center resident course participants toward English-speakers is documented; every year the number of Russian speakers has decreased to a point where there are only a few in our largest resident courses.

This shift, coupled with the Office of the Secretary of Defense directive to change from a European to a global participants base, results in the decision of the Marshall Center to offer resident courses in English only. This change will include a period of transition, during which only oral interpretation will be available, starting with the Program on Applied Security Studies, which begins September 2014.

The Marshall Center will continue to identify means to operate more efficiently and effectively by adjusting personnel structure and facilities to meet new mission requirements.

For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact George C. Marshall Center Public Affairs, 00-49-(0)8821-750-2469.