With the button above you can print (or make a PDF file) this bio.

These features are controlled by your local software only.

Please take notice of the common issues below if you want to do this.

Common issues:

      1. Do you have unwanted text in header and/or footer of your print output (or PDF)?

        Solution: Change the PAGE SETUP in your BROWSER.

        You find this in top menu: File -> Page Setup
        Set all entries for header and footer to EMPTY.

      2. Your print (or PDF) is not in color, has the wrong size, ...?

        Solution: Change the PROPERTIES of your local printer driver.

        The PROPERTIES of your printer can be changed in dialog after clicking on the PRINT button above.
        Select "Properties"  here, make your changes,  BEFORE you confirm the printing.

      3. How to get a bio as PDF?

        Solution: Select your "PDF Output" feature (e.g. Adobe PDF) as printer in your print dialog.

Note: The feature names are different in browsers. "Properties" in Internet Explorer is "Preferences" in Firefox.
Also the "Empty" tag in page setup can have another text but anyway - the function is everywhere the same.