In close cooperation with the Bureau for International Language Co-ordination (BILC), NATO’s advisory body for matters related to language training and testing, the following seminars are conducted to assist nations in the areas of language assessment:

Language Testing Seminar (LTS)

The aim of the Language Testing Seminar (LTS) is to develop competency in the development and administration of language proficiency tests, based on the NATO STANAG 6001 standards.

LTS participants become familiar with the STANAG 6001 descriptors and practice identifying the content, tasks, and accuracy for the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in levels 1-3, with a focus on levels 1 and 2. Passage & text rating, as well as item development are practiced in small groups.

Participants produce speaking and writing prompts and conduct mock speaking tests focused on level 2. Participants learn the proficiency test development process to include the steps of test specifications, passage and text selection, item writing, moderation and revising. Fundamental statistical concepts are introduced.


Advanced Language Testing Seminar (ALTS)

The Advanced Language Testing Seminar (ALTS) is a highly technical seminar for experienced STANAG 6001 test developers. The ALTS builds on the concepts presented in the foundation course, the Language Testing Seminar (LTS).

The ALTS emphasizes STANAG 6001 standardization, testing levels 2+/3, moderating listening and reading items, practical exercises in conducting and rating speaking and writing tests, qualitative and quantitative analysis of tests and test data, sharing of lessons learned and best practices, and a discussion of common concerns, challenges, and trends in test administration / management of a testing system.