GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany -- Participants in the Marshall Center's Program in Advanced Security Studies took part in field studies to Washington D.C. and Berlin Oct. 21-27.

The goals of the trips included learning more about the U.S. and German federal governments and how different organizations work with each other as well as how they interrelate.

Members of the "Executive PASS," the senior-ranking civilian and military participants, visited Berlin.

The 59 students from 32 countries visited the German ministries of interior, foreign affairs, economic cooperation and development, and defense; the German council on foreign relations, and met with U.S. Embassy personnel.

A visit to the German parliament included discussions with members of the committees of foreign relations and affairs of the European Union. The field study also included a panel discussion with Berlin journalists.

Notable speakers included Herbert Salbe, ministry of foreign affairs; Andreas Gram, vice president of Berlin City Parliament; State Secretary Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, ministry of interior; Ursula Müller, ministry of economic cooperation and development; and Ruprecht Polenz, head of the German federal parliament's foreign relations committee.

Members of the "Leaders PASS," the junior-ranking civilian and military PASS participants, visited Washington D.C.

The 86 students from 40 countries spent the week learning about the United States and its multifaceted approach to security. During the week, the class visited the Pentagon, the U.S. Institute of Peace, Congress, the Supreme Court, FBI headquarters, and the White House National Security Council.

The group also had speakers from the Department of State visit with them.

Some of the high profile speakers included Marine Corps Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Dr. Celeste Wallander, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia; Antonin Scalia, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; and Steven Chabinsky, assistant deputy FBI director of national intelligence for cyber.

Leaders PASS participants were also treated to an all-star media panel including David Gollust from Voice of America, Luis Martinez from ABC News, and Tom Bowman of NPR, who discussed their views on the media as it relates to the U.S. and its security institutions.

In conjunction with the field study trip to D.C., the Marshall Center alumni office worked with the newly-formed U.S. Marshall Center alumni association to conduct an outreach networking event Oct. 23 titled, "MC Alumni Networking in the Security Sector."

Participants in the event included the field study participants and 15 other alumni from the U.S. association. Marshall Center Deputy Director Dr. James MacDougall was keynote speaker for the event.

The alumni office is focused on encouraging activity within and among alumni associations to help the security community network grow, while providing continuing interaction with the Marshall Center and boosting professional education.